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Selling a Inherited Property Portland, Oregon

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Inheriting a home can be a tremendous burden if you aren't prepared to take on the challenges that come with it. In fact, inherited homes make accidental investors out of some people, but for others keeping and managing the home is not even an option. If you find yourself in this situation and are facing selling an inherited property, don't fancy yourself a landlord or if you simply can't use a home that you have inherited, you are not alone.

Frequently the home seems to fall out of the sky and with it come obligations and difficulties that you did not sign up for. Perhaps the home is in disrepair, or it's in another state. Maybe the previous occupants were hoarders and it's just a colossal mess to go through and clean up. These are circumstances that must be dealt with, but going through a traditional sales channel such as the way you may sell your home on the market, means that the condition of the house must be taken care of before it can realistically even be listed, let alone sold.

On top of it all, the sale will first go to pay off creditors (including the mortgage) to settle the estate, so there may not even be money left over. In these situations, you have may very little interest in a cleanup job, let alone managing the process to sell inherited property.

Is there a better way to liquidate an inherited home?

Our team of real estate professionals has spent combined decades building up a network of connections. This long history has given us the unique ability to connect sellers that just want a fast, hassle-free sale to cash buyers that are interested in purchasing houses without making conditions or involving banks at all. Selling an inherited home does not have to bring headaches or take forever.

Portland iBuyer program is great for liquidating inherited property

We call it the Portland iBuyer program, which brings motivated sellers together with instant buyers, corporate entities that are buying millions of dollars worth of property in Portland for cash to build up a portfolio.

These buyers are reliable cash buyers that won't haggle over details that private buyers can nitpick over, making the process of selling an inherited property easy and stress-free. They will provide a cash offer for the house as-is. For your part, there is no need to worry about renovation, cleanup, or repair of any kind.

How to get fast cash for your inherited home

If you're ready to start the process of selling inherited property without listing it on the market, you can skip the traditional process and get straight to the point. The first step is simply to reach out to us via the contact form, email or phone. We'll hear your story and make sure the program is a great fit for you. If there is interest, we'll send someone out to take collect information on the home, including statistics on size and location, as well as some photos to present the home in the best possible light to our partner iBuyers.

We will strive to collect 3 fair market value cash offers for the home and present them to you within 48 hours of seeing the house.

These offers are not obligations, you can choose to accept or pass on any of them. But should you choose to accept an offer in writing, you could be closing as fast as within one week.

It's that easy!

Reach out. Get Offers. Close.

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