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Portland Instant Buyers

Portland Real Estate iBuyers


Are you ready to sell your Portland home and want to get it done as fast as possible, hassle-free? Our network of real estate iBuyers will make your home a competition for the best cash offer. This program offers a way to sell your house without listing it, without dealing with low ball offers and unreliable buyers. This program is especially appealing for people who need to get rid of an unwanted house, but wants neither to deal with the transactional hassles of selling nor give it away or take unnecessary losses.

Read on to learn how you can get cash for your home into your pocket in days, not months.

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    About Us

    We are real estate professionals serving the greater Portland metro area with a service that specializes in providing lightning-fast closing by lining up motivated sellers with cash buyers who are ready to close as quickly as needed. This is why these buyers are sometimes referred to as instant buyers, or iBuyers.

    We have leveraged a network of contacts built up over a career in real estate, and use that deep experience to vet only the best buyers to work with. We focus on character, honesty, integrity, and reliability with the cash buyers we choose to partner with to bring the best possible offers to your door.

    The Process is Simple

    1) Learn More

    We have access to corporate buyers who will compete to buy your home. The Portland area is ripe for instant buyers, and we have them in our pocket, ready for the next motivated seller.

    2) Get in touch

    We will first take the time to learn about your situation and your priorities. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and we will take the time to hear it out before we go making blanket recommendations to you.

    3) Get cash fast

    If the circumstances are right, and you are interested in working with us, we will get 3 cash offers in front of you ASAP. These offers come from large corporate buyers, sometimes referred to as real estate iBuyers, so there is no negotiating banter, no repairs, no financing hurdles. Just three no-obligation competitive offers and a close-date of your choosing.

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    Get Cash Fast For Your Home

    Our instant buyers are lined up with cash ready to make an offer. You could have that cash in hand as fast as 1 week. 

    This is the option that people are excited to take when they are after a no-hassle real estate transaction. Because our corporate buyers deal with cash, there is no buyer financing to contend with, there is no pre-approval or underwriting. 

    You simply set your own timeline, and get cash when the time is right for you. That's right, you control your move date. 

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    Is an iBuyer Right For Me?

    There are many circumstances where speed and ease are the largest concerns for a seller, which are ideal for real estate iBuyers.

    • Need to choose close dates reliably, with precision
    • Avoid foreclosure
    • Close a short sale
    • Distressed houses that are difficult to finance through a bank
    • Liquidating inherited property
    • Sell an unwanted rental property
    • Don't want the hassles that come with open houses and typical buyers
    • Don't want to pay exorbitant realtor fees, but "for sale by owner" is not appealing

    “I accepted a new job in California and wanted to know how to sell my house fast in Portland. I was Googling things like, “Cash home buyers Portland,” “Can you sell your home without listing it?”, and came across the services of Portland Real Estate Instant Buyers. They were a great team of friendly professionals who answered all my questions and were able to eventually take the home off my hands in no time, I really can’t thank them enough!” – Natalie T.

    How Do iBuyers Work?

    The process is notably uncomplicated.

    • Submit your property info and we'll schedule a quick walkthrough.
    • Within days, you will have three competing cash offers to evaluate from dependable corporate consumers.
    • You choose an offer to accept, or choose not to pursue any.
    • If you choose to accept an offer, you set your close date.
    • Within about a week, have cash in hand from your real estate iBuyer.
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    Leave the Cleaning to Us

    We understand - there are many reasons that fast transaction may be the priority. Many of those circumstances are not ideal, and often are unavoidable. The last thing you need to deal with on top of getting this sale done as fast as possible is a big cleaning or repair project.
    Does your Portland property needing cleaning? We've got you.

    Properties that have been vacant for long periods and need some love, previous tenants who did not treat the property with care or outright damaged it, hoarder occupants - we've seen it all. Portland is no different than any other big city, and the housing situations that happen there happen here too.

    Our sales contract will include the property to be sold-as-is, and cleaning and repairs will NOT be your problem to solve.

    typical portland house needs work

    “I wasn’t sure how to sell a house in Portland or even where to start. I got in touch with Portland Real Estate iBuyers who gave me an abundance of resources for my selling options. They were fantastic and super welcoming so I can highly recommend them if you have similar questions to mine or are looking for a simple sale house in Portland, you want to control when you move, or you just want fast cash for your home.” – Gregory G.

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    What are Real Estate iBuyers?

    Our buyers are corporate entities that buy billions of dollars in real estate. They are not interested in nitpicking your clogged toilet or paint color. The offers they make are guaranteed to close and without proposing last-minute renegotiations. Doing real estate deals through us with these buyers ensures that there are no amateurs involved, including the oft found green-around-the-collar real estate agents.

    real estate iBuyer distressed house, with weeds and boarded up windows

    We Solve Real Estate Problems

    It's in our blood, we work with a great deal of integrity, and solve problems common to real estate deals. We do this all the time, and have years of experience driving every interaction with buyers, sellers, banks, inspectors, appraisers, and all other involved parties. We can say with confidence that there is no problem we are unprepared for. 

    • Excessive bank rules
    • Unprepared buyers
    • Underqualified agents
    • Difficult properties

    We deal with our customers with the utmost integrity and respect and guarantee that our service is simple, fair, and fast. We aspire to earn your trust. 

    "I looked on pretty much every website I could think of, like and and finally came across Portland Real Estate Instant Buyers who seemed reliable and transparent about their work and they definitely were! They helped me with a no-hassle home sale in Portland because I was trying to get rid of an inherited house. It was easy, convenient, and they're guaranteed to close on the house and I was able to sell with no repairs needed!" – Sabrina C.

    many doors but one is red representing one bad choice

    Beware of Bad Cash Buyers

    You don't want to find yourself stuck working with the wrong cash buyers. It's hard to admit sometimes, but there are bad actors out there. These are typically individual investors that want to capitalize on your situation. This is not to say that every investor is out to get you, but the good ones and the bad ones can look very similar at a distance, and it's important that you find someone who deals with integrity.

    A bad cash buyer may provide outlandish guarantees or cash offers that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, too often, that is exactly what they are, and after tying up your property with contractual agreements, they may begin making additional conditions or try to re-open negotiations at the latest possible moment. It's a tactic that leaves you with fewer options and feel like you have no choice but to engage in regotiation. Often these players are dealing with other people's money, and the risks for them are not even a concern that drives their behavior.

    We look forward to showing you another way to do business, proving our value and building trust in our process. Give us a chance to prove it to you.

    We have always treated real estate as a relationship business, and our experience and reputation speak for itself. Our creative solutions have made countless happy customers for us over the years.

    Where Do We Operate?

    We are a Portland Oregon real estate shop and can deal with real estate throughout the region, but we love helping our local communities more than anything else.

    From Portland proper out east to Clackamas, Gresham, and Happy Valley, southern areas like Canby, Wilsonville, and Woodburn, all the way out west to Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Banks and Cornelius - we love working with real estate iBuyers in this area!