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There are many reasons for it, and plenty of situations where a fast pain-free transaction is the greatest priority in selling a home.


However, the traditional sales cycle can be long and drawn out. Buyers bring conditions and haggling over the most inane details. Banks bring more conditions and underwriting rules. Before you know it, you've had your home tied up in a transaction for months.


Buyers want a new roof, the bank wants to repair the gutters. Buyers still need to be preapproved, and the whole deal could fall apart in the eleventh hour.


Simply being able to plan and coordinate your move-out date is challenging because the process is so lengthy and complicated, let alone coordinate with other major events like buying your next home or moving to a new city.


If you're in a short-sale or impending foreclosure situation, take that process and all of its stresses and crank it up to eleven.


We have been doing this for a long time and have seen every situation play out. For better or for worse, many people are involved in a real estate transaction, and they ALL have to be happy and cooperative.


It is no secret that a cash offer from a buyer is the surest way to a fast and smooth sale. There is no buyer financing to qualify for, offers are for properties sold as-is, so there is no haggling over price or conditions of repair, and there is no bank with complex underwriting to slow down and gum up the works. But how do you find cash buyers and elicit interest in your property?


This is the crux of the service we offer. We have access to a catalog of qualified corporate cash buyers that will compete to present the best possible offer. These are real offers; not conditional, and not tentative.


We will collect these offers and present you with the top three competing cash offers.


There is no obligation to accept any offer. Each is a final offer, and will not be negotiated down after you agree. You choose your close date. The closing is guaranteed.


Take the pains of selling a home through multiple listing and throw them away! Through combined decades of experience in real estate, we have encountered every situation. We understand the many reasons that a fast sale may be a priority for you, and we treat every customer and their unique situation with the same dedication and care. We deal with respect and compassion understanding that sometimes these situations are painful and not necessarily within control.



Get your free offers today by giving us a call or filling out the simple form on this page.


We look forward to serving you!

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