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Selling Rental Property Portland, OR

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Rental properties do not always turn out to be the financial security safe havens we were looking for when we originally purchased them. Whether you're tired of being a landlord, or the investment is just not performing for you, selling a rental property is a chore most owners hate. Do you wish there was a way to sell a rental property, getting competing offers for it without even listing it on the market? Read on.

The downsides of rental properties

Of course, real estate is one of the most tried and true investment strategies for long-term security, but it's still possible to get into troublesome situations with them.

  • damage from tenants
  • high vacancy rates
  • insolvent tenants
  • high maintenance costs
  • unfavorable bank terms

Perhaps the work of managing it is just no longer worth the effort, especially difficult for out-of-state properties.

Liquidating investment real estate

There are many reasons you may want to liquidate a rental property, but in some ways, that prospect can represent more of a hassle than even selling your own home. At least with your own home, you have some control over the terms of the transaction. The condition of the house is under your control. The cleanliness of the house is under your control. You can operate your schedule around showings.

So many times with rentals, these statements are not true. Showings must be organized around tenants. You don't live in the house, so you have little control over how the home presents. Maybe the rental is in another area making it hard to visit in person.

A hassle-free sale of rental property

The good news is you don't have any attachment to the house. After all, it is an investment, and the only thing that truly matters is how it performs financially. If only you could turn it into cash, at its fair market value, fast and without all the headaches of listing it on the market, showing it, negotiating price and never-ending conditions, and then getting through closing, all while keeping the transactional costs low enough to not also lose your shirt. Selling an investment property should not be so hard.

Real estate specialists for investors

We have been in real estate for a long time, and we've seen every situation play out. Owners fed up with, or sometimes simply forced to sell an investment property. In most cases, they are not interested in "playing the game," they are interested only in completing the transaction and getting the illiquid equity turned into cash. Whatever their reasons for selling, this is the ultimate goal.

The iBuyer Program for rental property

Selling a rental property in Portland has never been easier. We've started a new service we call the Portland iBuyers program. This is an approach to real estate sales that will allow sellers who are motivated to sell quickly at a fair market price, without hassle, score multiple cash offers for their home without ever listing it for sale on the market. You won't believe how easy it is! Our instant buyers compete to give their best and final offer, in cash, as-is, with no conditions.

Whether you have equity or not, no matter the condition of the home, whether the rental is performing as an investment for you or not, you can have cash in your pocket in a measure of days, not months.

How do I sell my rental home for cash?

Through many years in real estate, we have established a network of corporate buyers who are actively purchasing properties in the Portland area and are making cash offers for as many homes as they can!

It's quite a simple process. Reach out to us, and we will schedule a time for a short visit to the property. We will collect basic information about the house and capture pictures of the features and benefits that the house has to offer to position it in the best possible posture. We will bring your house to our network of buyers and collect multiple fair market value offers to present to you within 48 hours.

Get cash offer, get cash for your rental property

None of these offers is an obligation. You may choose to accept any or none of them. If you do choose one to accept, you can be collecting your cash in as little as a week.

The offer will be for a cash closing, so there are no banks, lenders, underwriting of buyer's agents to be concerned with. The simplified process lends itself not only to speed, but also reducing transaction costs, as there are fewer middlemen involved who need their slice.

Simple, no-obligation, offer to purchase your rental house for cash

No back and forth negotiations, no conditions, and you ultimately set the close date that works best for you.

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